Menorahs By Marie - The Beginnings

Six years ago I was asked to manage our synagogue’s tiny Judaic gift shop. Reviewing the inventory I was struck that most items were manufactured in distant lands, and the designs of these mass-produced items were tired looking and felt “soulless”. I envisioned the gift shop featuring beautiful and unique inventory, inventory that was not only beautiful but meaningful and purposeful. To achieve this goal I started purchasing artisan made Judaica, and thus Boutique Judaica was born. 

A year after working with a local fused glass artist, who made menorahs for Boutique Judaica, she informed me she wanted to move on and said, “You can make the menorahs!” So on that dark snowy February day my fused glass menorah making adventure began.

I love the quote by Henry Ward Beecher, "Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

Reflecting now, the essence of my menorahs lies in vibrant colours. I believe colours penetrate and reverberate what we want our lives to be. We gain strength and hope by seeing colour’s dancing in space. If our souls are illuminated it can then connect to long ago forgotten truths. Ugliness reigns everywhere. I create colourful glass menorahs to counter balance the darkness I see in the world. Enjoy my colours and, reflect upon them and see what truth or beauty you can bring to the world.